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Name: Sucrose octaacetate
Synonym: Octaacetyl sucrose; Saccharose octaacetate
Chemical nameal: Alpha-D-glucopyranoside, 1, 3, 4, 6-tetra-o-acetyl- beta-D-fructofuranosyl ...
CAS No.: 557-28-8
EINECS No.: 209-167-6
Structural formula: C6H10O4Zn
Ingredients: Zinc propionate, anticaking agent.
Properties: White or gray white flow powder, with special ...
CAS#: 59-51-8
Formula: C5H1OO5
N. W.: 150.13
Specifications: BP98
Packing: 25kg bags, 20mt/20FCL
Usage: Xylose can stimulate the proliferation of bifidobacterium and optimize ...
Tetrakis-Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate-Urea Pre-condensate Polymer (THPS-UPC)

Has its characteristic oder. Non-flammable. Has mild acid properties ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Tetrakis-Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Cloride-Urea Pre-condensate Polymer (THPC-UPC)

Has its characteristic oder. Non-flammable. Has mild acid ...
Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium chloride (THPC)
Product name: Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium chloride (THPC)

CAS#: 124-64-1

Item Specification
Appearance light ...
Product name: Tetrapotasium pyrophosphate
Molecular formula: K4P2O7
Molecular weight: 330.34
CAS Number: 7320-34-5
Anhydrous tetra potassium phosphate is in white ...
Molecular formula: C4H4N2O2
Molecular weight: 112.09
CAS No.: 66-22-8
Structure formula:
Description: White or almost white crystalline powder
Loss on drying: ≤ 1.0% ...
Molecular formula: C9H12N2O6
Molecular weight: 244.2
CAS No.: 58-96-8
Structure formula:
Description: White or almost white crystalline powder
Specific rotation: +6° ~ ...
Chemical name: 2-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)benzotriazole
Molecular formula: C13H11N3O
CAS No.: 2440-22-4
Chemical indexes:
Appearance white to light yellow powder
Assay ≥ ...
Product name: PEG 8000

CAS#: : 25322-68-3

Formula: (C2H4O)n

Packing: 25kg PP woven bags, lined with PE bags, 17mt/FCL

Use: Used as moisturizer, dispersing agent, water ...
1. Property
Its a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive with many fine properties. Oil asphalt is basal raw material. It appears brown in paste. Its density is ...
Product name: DL-Malic Acid
CAS#: 617-48-1

Item Specification
Appearance White or near white, regular or fine granules
Assay 99.0-100.5%
Fumaric acid 1.0%max
Maleic acid ...
Aluminium Distearate

Characteristics: White powder, insoluble in water, but it can be decomposed into stearic acid and aluminium base.

Uses: It is for metal rust preventer, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product name: Phenothiazine(PTZ)
Molecular formula: C12H9NS
CAS-No.: 92-84-2
Molecular weight: 199.28
High grade
First grade
Industrial ...
Product name: Polymerization inhibitor DNPC
Chemical name: 2, 6-Dinitro-P-cresol
Molecular formula: C7H6N2O5
CAS: [609-93-8]
Properties: Yellow crystals. Density 1.385(85° ...
Diisobutyl Succinate

Additional name: Di-ISO-butyl succinate; Succinic acid diisobutyl ester;
CAS: 925-06-4
Molecular formula: [(CH3)2CHCH2OOCCH2-]2 C12H22O4

Molecular ...
Product name: Pentaerythritol
CAS No.: 115-77-5
Molecular Formula: C5H12O4
Molecular Weight: 136.14
Specifications: Items
90 Grade
85 Grade

Content of ...
Additional name: Methyl succinate; Succinic acid dimethyl ester; Butanedioic acid dimethyl ester
CAS: 106-65-0
Molecular formula: (CH2COOCH3)2 C6H10O4

Molecular weight: 146.14 ...
Diethyl Maleate

CAS: 141-05-9
Molecular formula: (=CHCOO CH2CH3)2 C8H12O4

Molecular weight: 172.18
Properties: Clear, colorless liquid. Miscible with ethyl ether, slightly ...
English Name: Dimethyl malonate, DMM

CAS No: 108-59-8

Formula: C5H8O4

Molecular Weight: 132.12

Structural formula:

Physical Properties:

Dimethyl malonate is a ...
This product is a colorlss, odorless, tasteless, fluorescence-free, and clear oily liquid. This is the white-colored oil finely prepared throuth two-stage high-pressure ...
Product name: 4-Hydroxy-2, 2, 6, 6-tetramethyl-piperidin-1-oxyl(TMHPO)
CAS No: 2226-96-2
EC.: 218-760-9
Molecular formula: C9H18NO2
Molecular weight: 172.2
Structural formula: ...
Product name: Xanthan Gum
CAS#: 11138-66-2
Formula: (C35H49O29)n
Specifications: FCCIV
Packing: 25kg bags, 18mt/20FCL
Use: Used in drinks, frozen food, seasoner, baked food, ...